Custom Orders

If your organization needs to be connected to a personal or business move, the Move Sticker ID system is the perfect way to get your brand in their face with a helpful and very used product.

And what better way to say thank you or welcome home than the easy to use, memorable, Move Sticker Box ID System. Oversized, color-coded and clearly marked stickers identify the room a box should be placed in after the move. And our optional Base Sticker makes every box reusable for a different room at a later date.

The Perfect Corporate Gift!

  • Corporate Relocations or Welcome
  • Apartment Welcome Kits
  • New Customer Gifts For Moving Companies
  • Client Gift For Real Estate Pros/Brokers
  • DIY Moving Truck & Trailer Retail Stores
  • Military Self-Moves

All of our Move Sticker moving box ID solutions can be customized to your company brand or other custom order specifications. Just pick your quantity, upload your logo in an EPS or high resolution PNG file and we’ll take if from there.

You logo will be emblazoned on the box and on each sticker and base sticker. The box and the stickers will probably stay around for years and will probably be used in their next move.

1,000 ( ($21.50 ea) $21,500*
5,000 ($19.50 ea) $97,500*
10,000 ($17.80 ea) $178,000*
15,000 ($16.90 ea) $253,500*
20,000 ($16.09 ea) $321,800*

all orders are plus tax where applicable and shipping (FOB Tampa, FL)


Custom Orders

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